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Vehicle Transport

Why choose Danigi Spedition?

There are many reasons why our customers choose us for their vehicle transport. Many like the personal approach we offer. We are friendly and helpful. We take the time to understand your personal needs. Our transport experts will guide you through the entire process from start to finish and answer any questions or concerns you have.

Honestly, in Caucasus region and also in European countries we offer some of the best rates in the industry for a top quality service you won’t find anywhere else!

You can find a car in Germany on the following websites: also you can use any other options.
Our experts evaluate the car of your choice on the spot, and then we move it to our fleet.
Our professional employees will handle your shipments, properly prepare the accompanying documentation and customs documents.
Danigi Spedition provides transportation of vehicles by special vehicle transports from Germany to Georgia, in full compliance with European standards.

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Vehicle Transport Services We Offer

Vehicle transport services we offer can be used for all sorts of vehicles. This includes:

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Antique/Classic Cars

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Pickup Trucks

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Cargo Transportation

Set of cargoes - "Group"

The service includes the collection of cargo in the warehouse and delivery to the destination. After warehousing, consolidated cargoes are piled up in our trailers / cargo carriers, which then provide safe shipping. The service includes:

  • Transportation of cargo of any packaging type
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Transportation of cargo in need of temperature regime
  • Preparation of export and import documents

Special Type cargo

Danigi offers transportation of oversized cargo in full compliance with the standards. The service includes:

  • transportation route development
  • Selection of appropriate special transport/truck based on the specifics of the cargo
  • Preparation of special permits and required paper documents
  • Safety operator control at load and unloading point
  • Organizing protection-escort

Additional services

Danigi offers customs brokerage services in both export and import countries:

  • Preparation of export declaration
  • Preparation of import declaration
  • Prepare a transit declaration
  • Cargo insurance at partner insurance companies

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Only three steps are required to order your car or cargo and get it anywhere

About Danigi Spedition

Danigi has been leading the market with dignity since 2010 and has been focused on quality, fast and safe service since its inception. Danigi is one of the strongest and fastest growing company in providing fast and efficient car shipping. Freight Forwarder is one of the strongest companiey in Germany, which has the appropriate technical equipment to ensure timely shipments. The company's activities include not only the transportation of cars from Germany to Georgia and their import-export, but also the transportation of a set of cargo and special cargo inside and outside the country. In 2015, Danigi expanded its area of activity with transport-forwarding activities and successfully established itself in the Georgian and European markets. Our company is growth-oriented and is constantly investing heavily, as evidenced by the purchased Euro-standard trailers and total quality management system. The company has the ability to improve the quality of service, which has a positive impact on customers. Our team has a high sense of responsibility, constantly monitoring the quality of service, resulting in a smooth supply chain. Our main goal is to be your reliable partners in the field of logistics.

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